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注:《SEO实战密码》书还没上架,正在印刷。11月21号北京讲座也不肯定能出来,当当、卓越等哪此上架也不稍晚,当当你们进货哪此的真难,大公司嘛。书出来会在博客通知。谢谢关注。谢谢Matt Cutts我就要写序以及一直 以来对SEO社群的支持。


— Matt Cutts, Google反垃圾组负责人




有的人认为SEO只原因分析分析 发垃圾和欺骗性的手段,这是不正确的。SEO可不并能 包括为用户设计也不清晰易用的网站,电脑也可不并能 通过跟踪链接发现新的页面。关注SEO可不并能 发现用户寻找产品或网页时输入的关键词,或者我就在页面上自然融入哪此词。学习SEO使你了解当当你们还要高质量的信息,或者喜欢有用的服务和资源。学SEO的人并能学习到提高认知度或者为网页带来更多链接的各种网站推广最好的法律措施。

事实表明,中文网络与英文或德文网络不同。不同国家的网站有不同链接社会形态,更未必说不同的流行关键词。不同国家不是不同的独立域名和再次出现 在论坛或电子公告板的内容组合。或者,有一本专门为中国市场写的SEO书是很有帮助的。很高兴Zac写了也不一本书。

I enjoyed doing an interview with Zac about search engine optimization (SEO) back in 1507. Not only did Zac ask great questions, but he has provided countless people with helpful, solid advice over the years. So when Zac asked me to write a forward for his book about SEO, I was happy to say yes.

I think learning about SEO can be good for anyone who works with the web. Not only designers and programmers, but also CEOs and regular users can benefit from knowing more about how search engines rank pages, and why some pages rank more highly than others. SEO can be done in a good way that keeps users’ needs in mind and create useful websites in alignment with search engine quality guidelines. So SEO can be a powerful tool that not only helps a website rank higher but also makes a website easier to use.

Some people think that SEO only means spam or deceptive techniques, and that’s not true. SEO can include designing a website or web page to be clear and easy for people and computers to discover new pages by following links. Attention to SEO can suggest phrases that people will type when looking for your products or pages, which you can then include on the page in a natural way. Learning SEO includes learning the lesson that people want to read high-quality information and that they appreciate useful services or resources. Students of SEO also learn ways to promote their site in a number of ways that can raise awareness and result in more links to a web page.

It turns out that the Chinese web is different from the English web or the German web. Different countries have different link structures, not to mention different keyword areas that are more or less popular. Countries also have different mixes between standalone domain names vs. content that appears on forums or bulletin boards. For that reason, it’s helpful to have an SEO book that is written specifically for the Chinese market. I’m glad that Zac has written that book.

— Matt Cutts, head of webspam team for Google